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Sap Industries is small scale manufacturing company was founded by Bhagwan Patel, Hirabhai Patel & Chunibhai Patel in 1967 in Kalina (Mumbai). The name Sap and Sap Tig Torches is became synonymous in gtaw (tig) welding industry in India. From the very beginning it has been pioneer in developing quality prroducts. Quality is the trade mark of any Sap & Weldcut product.

Our Clients

Acid & other chemicals affect human health through inhalation of mist, ingestion and contact with skin & eyes. It also affects Environment and can acidify soil and water.

In order to reduce environment pollution and improve worker health & safety standards, SAP Industries will clean and wash maximum brass & copper components without the usage of acid and chemicals.

This will NOT effect the performance of any of our product and spares in end use.